Sally Shebe, Director-General of Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir, And Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Roberts, Senior Director of Music The Household Division, Present a musical tribute Dedicated to His Royal Highness Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and Lord High Admiral On the occasion of the Sapphire Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen.

Track Listings

1. Paul Carroll (1955 - ) Jack - A Local Hero Dedicated to, HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh and Lord High Admiral
Words by Dr Grahame Davies
Conductor: Major Simon Haw MBE
Musicians of the Household Division, Commonwealth Children’s Choir

2. John Dykes (1823 – 1876) arr. Haw - For those in Peril on the Sea
Conductor: Major Simon Haw MBE
Musicians of the Household Division, Members of the Guards’ Chapel Choir

Paul Carroll (1955 - ) - Sapphire Jubilee Suite of Marches Dedicated to HM The Queen
Conductor: Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Roberts Musicians of the Household Division

3. Windsor

4. Balmoral

5. Caernarfon

6. Hillsborough

7. Major Simon Haw MBE (1965 - ) - Passchendaele
Conductor: Major Simon Haw MBE
Words written and spoken by Colour Sergeant Darren Hardy
Musicians of the Household Division, Members of the Guards’ Chapel Choir

8. Pipe Major William Lawrie (1881-1916) arr. Miller - Battle of the Somme
Conductor: Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Roberts
Musicians of the Household Division
Piper Calum Galleitch

9. George Butterworth MC (1885-1916) arr. Haw - The Banks of Green Willow
Conductor: Major Simon Haw MBE
Band of the Coldstream Guards

10. Major Craig Hallatt (1969 - ) - Majesty
Conductor: Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Roberts
Musicians of the Household Division

11. William Monk (1823-1889) arr. Haw - Abide With Me
Conductor: Major Simon Haw MBE
Musicians of the Household Division, Choristers of the Guards’ Chapel

Track 9 - Recorded in the Guard’s Chapel on 20 May 2016
Track 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11 - Recorded in The Guard’s Chapel on 2 & 3 February 2017


“Jack – A Local Hero” is a musical setting by Paul Carroll of lyrics especially written by Dr Grahame Davies. The work is dedicated to HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Lord High Admiral of The Royal Navy, on the occasion of His Royal Highness’ 95th Birthday in June 2016.

The work marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland and takes its inspiration from the report of 31st May 1916 made by the Commanding Officer of HMS Chester, which tells of the heroism of a 16-year-old sailor in The Royal Navy, John (Jack) Cornwell from the East End of London:
"Boy (1st Class) John Travers Cornwell of the "Chester" was mortally wounded early in the action. He nevertheless remained standing alone at a most exposed post, quietly awaiting orders ‘till the end of the action, with the gun's crew dead and wounded all round him".

On 29th July 1916 Jack Cornwell's body was carried by gun carriage from East Ham Town Hall to Manor Park Cemetery where he was buried with full naval honours. On 15th September 1916 the official citation appeared in The London Gazette stating that John Travers Cornwell had been posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross by King George V.

On 16th November 1916, Jack's mother made the long journey from the East London poor house where she lived to Buckingham Palace, where King George V presented her with her young son's posthumously awarded Victoria Cross.

“Jack” has been written to be performed by the Commonwealth Children’s Choir and Musicians of The Household Division. The choir sing of how Jack’s mother, a widow living in the most extreme poverty, returns home to the slums of East London after having travelled to Buckingham Palace to receive the Victoria Cross from King George V for her dead, gallant, son. The children’s choir sing of the mother’s extreme pain at the loss of her very young son and her almost uncontainable pride in his legacy and his example of the highest level of courage and bravery.

“Jack – A Local Hero” – words by Dr Grahame Davies
He took the road to seaward
before the break of day.
He left upon the morning tide
when mist was on the bay.
The clouds that hide the heavens
hid his path away.
And with each dawn my heart breaks
for the words we could not say.

They cut the words of comfort
in slate and stone and steel.
They stand through every season
for faith I cannot feel,
for love that soothes no longing,
for hope that does not heal,
and with each night the sorrow
the dark cannot conceal.

I will travel by the road he took
although I travel late,
although they will not carve my name
on steel or stone or slate.
For loving has no limits;
devotion has no date.
I take my way to tell him
the words that had to wait.

John Dykes was born in Hull in 1823 and after studying music at Cambridge he took holy orders. He wrote numerous hymns and is best known for his composition “For those in Peril on the Sea” which was written in 1861. It is a firm favourite amongst seafarers worldwide and has been adopted as an anthem by several navies. Here the hymn is performed in a special arrangement made by Major Simon Haw MBE.

Paul Carroll’s Sapphire Jubilee Suite of Marches are dedicated to Her Majesty The Queen on the occasion of Her Majesty’s Sapphire Jubilee in 2017. Each march represents one of the four British Nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and they are intended for performance by the Bands of The Household Division.

Major Simon Haw MBE composed “Passchendaele”as a tribute to the brave men who gave their lives in 1917 at Passchendaele, in one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War. It is a setting of the “Words of Commemoration” written by Colour Sergeant Darren Hardy.

Words of Commemoration - Tyne Cot Passchendaele – written by Colour Sergeant Darren Hardy
I left my home for Flanders fields,
on which the poppies sway.
To go and fight for those I love,
and stand with men so brave,
But now I’m lost beneath the ground,
my body still to find.
All that remains is my name,
at Tyne Cot Passchendaele

Now I wait in Flanders fields,
above the poppies sway.
A silent witness of a time,
that denied me of old age.
I sacrificed my future hopes,
pray say it's not in vain.
My name amongst the legions lost
at Tyne Cot Passchendaele.

Should you come to Flanders fields,
on which the poppies sway.
Gaze upon the vale of souls,
remember why we came.
Do not forget what happened here,
we gave you your today.
Our countless names of sacrifice,
at Tyne Cot Passchendaele.

Pipe Major William Lawrie a Gold Medal winning Highland Piper, became Pipe Major of the 8th Battalion of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in 1914. He served with them in France from 1915 to 1916, and he was mortally wounded at the Battle of The Somme. Major Bruce Miller, Director of Music of the Band of Irish Guards has won many prizes for conducting and composition throughout a distinguished army career. He has served in the Dragoon Guards, the Hussars and Light Dragoons, the Corps of Royal Engineers, the Queen’s Division and as Chief Instructor at Kneller Hall, the Army’s school of music. Major Miller’s masterful arrangement of Pipe Major William Lawrie’s composition “Battle of the Somme” captures the spirit of the music magnificently. Last year as part of the “An Act of Reverence” of Beating Retreat 2016, marking the centenary of the Battle of The Somme, the original melody was played as a lament by a lone Piper of the Scots Guards at the Argyll graveside of Pipe Major William Lawrie and on Horse Guards Parade Major Miller’s arrangement was played by the Sovereign’s Piper and the Massed Bands of The Household Division.

George Butterworth MC was one of the most talented of English composers whose life was tragically and prematurely cut short in the Battle of the Somme in 1916. He was passionate about folk tunes and collected a great many of them. He used English folk tunes as his inspiration for his original compositions and “By the Banks of the Green Willow” is one of his finest. A talented dancer, he won Gold Medals for his Morris Dancing. This arrangement by Major Simon Haw MBE was written for Her Majesty The Queen’s Inspection at The Queen's Birthday Parade, Trooping The Colour 2016.

Major Craig Hallett, an accomplished conductor and composer, has served in the British Army for twenty seven years during which time he has been posted to the Queen’s Royal Hussars, as bandmaster to the Lowland Band of the Scottish Division and as Director of Music of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. He was the last Director of Music of the Royal Artillery before its departure from Woolwich after 252 years. He is currently Director of Music of the Household Cavalry. His highly accomplished and arresting composition “Majesty”, written in 2016 to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th year, is a stirring and patriotic piece in the best traditions of Elgar and Walton.

William Monk was organist was at St Peter’s, Eaton Square and he held a number of organ posts throughout his life. He was Professor of Vocal Studies at King’s College London. He is best known as the composer of “Abide With Me”, one of the most popular eventide hymns. “Abide With Me” is sung here to the tune composed by William Monk in a new arrangement by Major Simon Haw MBE. The text is the work of Henry Francis Lyte (1793-1847), a curate who spent most of his career in the fishing village of Lower Brixham in Devon. Lyte wrote “Abide With Me” to his own tune, but today it is sung to Eventide, composed in 10 minutes by the organist William Monk, as his widow recalled “we were silently watching the glory of the setting sun (our daily habit) until the golden hue had faded… Then he took paper and pencilled the tune which has gone all over the world.”

“Abide with Me” was sung at the wedding of the future King George VI to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and in 1947 at the marriage of their daughter Princess Elizabeth to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten

Paul Carroll, Conductor, Composer and Arranger - has had a long and varied career in music as a composer, conductor, performer, author and teacher. His catalogue of compositions stretch over more than 40 years and his individual style was recognised early on by Sir Adrian Boult, who conducted several of his early works. Over the years Paul’s compositional voice has taken classical, tonal, music into new realms. His complex contrapuntal skills and fearless enharmonic modulation make him a stand out composer, with a broad international appeal.

The Commonwealth Orchestras and Choirs are hugely honoured to have had Paul Carroll as their Artistic Director and Composer-in Residence since 2008 and during that time in addition to building a considerable repertoire for the Commonwealth Orchestras and Choirs, he has been commissioned to compose music for major events at the Commonwealth Secretariat and for Historic Royal celebrations. Paul has an unique ability to write music which is accessible to all and which can be arranged for younger performers to play as part of their music education and for developing their musical techniques to turn them into fully-fledged professional musicians.

For a quarter of century Paul was a Professor at the Royal College of Music and he was an organist and choirmaster for over twenty years. A multi-instrumental virtuoso, Paul has performed and recorded extensively across the globe, with artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra and Dame Emma Kirkby.

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Roberts, Conductor - is the Senior Director of Music of the Household Division - responsible for co-coordinating and directing all State Ceremonial music in London. This role has seen him directing the music for major national and international events, including: Trooping of the Colour, the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance, the National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Centenary Commemoration Event for the Battle of the Somme, Thiepval. His production of the Household Division Beating Retreat in 2015 and 2016 has met with critical acclaim and has developed the event to being the largest and most successful Beating Retreat in the world.

Major Simon Haw MBE Conductor, Composer and Arranger - is Director of Music of the Coldstream Guards. He has had a distinguished career in Army Music having served in The Welsh Guards, Prince of Wales Division, The Adjutant General’s Corps, The Queen’s Division, Headquarters’ Army Music, The Scots’ Guards and The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, which is one of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) High Readiness Force Headquarters. As well as being a first rate composer, his skill as an arranger is widely respected.

Dr Grahame Davies, Poet - Is one of the country’s leading poets and his published collections both in Welsh and English have been universally well received and praised. His career as a journalist, author and poet is reflected by the many prizes he has won. He has collaborated with many musical and visual artists including Paul Carroll on both ‘The Ode for Her Majesty’ and ‘Jack’, a tradition harking back to Purcell and Dryden. He is Assistant Private Secretary to The Prince of Wales.

Colour Sergeant Darren Hardy, Poet - is a flautist and Northumbrian piper in the Band of the Coldstream Guards. In addition to being a very fine musician, he is a keen historian and last year he researched, sourced and compiled the music for The Queen’s Birthday Parade, Trooping the Colour 2016.

The mission of the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir (CYO) is to “use music as a means of international dialogue, knowing no boundaries”, which is delivered with all Commonwealth Nations, through a three-point plan: “Engage-Educate-Empower”.

HM The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, is Diamond Jubilee Patron 2012 of the CYO.

In 2011 Commonwealth Heads of Government unanimously gave an unique endorsement of the CYO, which was published in the CHOGM 2011 Final Communique.

In 2012 the CYO created its Commonwealth Music Partnership with all music schools, choirs and orchestras in 52 countries of the Commonwealth, creating fully-funded opportunities for education and exchange.

In 2016 the CYO established the Commonwealth Music Council to curate the music of all Nations of the Commonwealth and to provide a freely available on-line resource.

Other CYO ground-breaking Initiatives include Commonwealth Community Heritage, Commonwealth Music Distance Learning and Commonwealth Music Competitions, all of which can be viewed through CYO’s Commonwealth Music Hub: www.commonwealth-music-net

Musicians of The Bands of the Household Division, representing the seven Regiments of the Household Division, provide musical support to State Ceremonial and Public Duties in London, and play on all State occasions.

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Roberts is the Senior Director of Music of the Bands of the Household Division.

Commonwealth Children's Choir

Headteacher in-Chief: Paul Underwood

Joanne Bezer
Rosie Cowan
Ian Wilson
Mark Johnson
Angela Moore
Chris Mabey
Natasha Scott
Gael Hicks
James Allen
Katy Ward
Nicola Brosnan
Andrea Choppy
Rani Karim
Lisle Von Buchenroder

Assistant Headteachers and Music Staff:
Dolores Mapp
Veneice Johnrose
Olu Sodeinde
Will Ramos
Nathan Chan
Chantal Pampellonne
Paul Reily
Allison Venn
Rebecca Bradley
Rafaela Hatziefstratiou
Laura Kimberley
Tim Hylton
Elaine Watson
Beth Marshall

Choral Director and Assistant to the Director-General: Alice Gentenaar

Commonwealth Children’s Choir
Aidi Azad
Aleena Ali
Aleena Hassan
Alicia Tagne Monte
Aniola Admolake
Ariam Dawit
Benedict Ojomu
Chiamaka Osuji
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Shanelle Dennis-Leslie
Stephanie Onchuru
Tara Vintila
Tayyeba Khan
Tehrim Syed
Theo Moses
Valentina Cebalos Escobar

The recordings in the Guards’ Chapel were made with kind permission of Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Dunwoody, Senior Chaplain to the Household Division.

The Musicians of the Household Division perform by kind permission of Major General B J Bathurst CBE, The Major General Commanding The Household Division.

Painting of Jack Cornwell VC by Frederick William Elwell is reproduced by the kind permission of NHS, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole and North East Lincolnshire Museum Service. With special thanks to Dr Karen Dunderdale, NHS, and Louise Bowen, Collections Officer, Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre.

Executive Producer: Sally Shebe
Producer: Simon Kiln
Engineer: Arne Akselberg
Assistant Engineers: Gordon Davidson, Jack Fairbrother