In Unity


Commonwealth Children’s Choir
Commonwealth Scholars’ Choir
Commonwealth Youth Orchestra
Band of the Coldstream Guards

Conductor: Major Simon Haw MBE

Track Listings

1. Sir Hubert Parry (1848 - 1918) In Unity arr. Haw
Commonwealth Scholars’ Choir

2. Simon Haw (1965 - ) To Be A Friend
53 members of Commonwealth Children’s Choir

3. Simon Haw (1965 - ) Eight
Solo Saxophone - Gillian Blair

4. Simon Haw (1965 - ) A Song For The Commonwealth
Dedicated to HM The Queen on the occasion of Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday
106 members of the Commonwealth Children’s Choir

Simon Haw (1965 - ) Earth Dance
Dedicated to HM The Queen on the occasion of the Meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government in London, April 2018
Commonwealth Scholars’ Choir

5. Engage

6. Unity

7. Respect

8. Diversity

9. Renew

10. Empower

11. Paul Carroll (1955 - ) Commonwealth Anthem arr. Haw
Commonwealth Scholars’ Choir

Paul Carroll, Composer, has had a long and varied career in music as a composer, conductor, performer, author and teacher. His catalogue of compositions stretch over more than 40 years and his individual style was recognised early on by Sir Adrian Boult, who conducted several of his early works. Over the years Paul’s compositional voice has taken classical, tonal, music into new realms. His complex contrapuntal skills and fearless enharmonic modulation make him a stand out composer, with a broad international appeal.

The Commonwealth Orchestras and Choirs are hugely honoured to have had Paul Carroll as their Artistic Director and Composer-in Residence since 2008 and during that time in addition to building a considerable repertoire for the Commonwealth Orchestras and Choirs, he has been commissioned to compose music for major events at the Commonwealth Secretariat and for Historic Royal celebrations.

Photo credit: Chris Lobina

Major Simon Haw MBE Conductor, Composer and Arranger, is Director of Music of the Band of the Coldstream Guards. He has had a distinguished career in Army Music having served in The Welsh Guards, Prince of Wales Division, The Adjutant General’s Corps, The Queen’s Division, Headquarters’ Army Music, The Scots’ Guards and The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, which is one of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) High Readiness Force Headquarters. As well as being a first rate composer, his skill as an arranger is widely respected.

In 2016 Simon was awarded first Prize in the Commonwealth Music Competition for his composition “A Song For The Commonwealth” and he became a Commonwealth Music Ambassador. Over the last few years the CYO commissioned him to compose a number of works for key moments in the Commonwealth Calendar, including Earth Dance, To Be A Friend, India, Cyprus, Belize, Tuvalu, and Kenya. Aside from his music activities Simon is a keen grower of a huge variety of fruit and vegetables.

Photo Credit: Piers Allardyce

Commonwealth Children’s Choir
A major part of the mission of the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir is to engage with the school-children in all 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

Music education workshops are taken into schools to inspire children. They are shown what can be achieved by working together with discipline and social cohesion. This youth to youth engagement through music provides opportunities which benefits individual youth development and education in the broadest sense.

Photo Credit: Chris Lobina

Commonwealth Scholar’s Choir
The CYO has recently established a new choir: Commonwealth Scholars Choir. Nationals of any of the 53 countries of the Commonwealth who are recipients, both currently and those who are now part of the Alumni, of any of the following Scholarships are eligible to apply to join the Commonwealth Scholars Choir:

  • The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)
  • The Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships
  • The Rhodes Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholars from across the Commonwealth who took part on the recording all very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet and sing with other Commonwealth Scholarship students.

    The state ceremonial Band of the Coldstream Guards was at the very forefront of recorded sound, having cut its first wax cylinder recordings on 1st October 1889. The Coldstream Band has recorded most of the regimental marches of the British Army. These have now been digitized and re-mastered and copies donated to the National Army Museum, London, where they can be heard in the regimental audio display, recently opened by HM the Queen.

    From the earliest days the Regiment had drummers and its Band of Musik dates from 1685. This was in fact eight civilian musicians who were hired by the month by officers of the Regiment to provide music for the Changing of the Guard at St James's Palace. When, in 1785, the musicians were asked to perform at an aquatic excursion to Greenwich, they declined on the grounds that the performance was "incompatible with their several respectable and private engagements." This was too much for the officers who asked the Duke of York, Colonel of the Regiment, for a regular attested band, which led to the formation of the Coldstream Guards Band.

    Track Lyrics

    A Song For The Commonwealth - Words and music by Simon Haw
    Dedicated to Her Majesty The Queen
    Head of The Commonwealth
    On the occasion of Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday

    In all we say and all we do,
    We seek for harmony.
    A family of nations,
    Is what we strive to be.
    All our hopes and fears shared as one,
    Each voice heard equally.
    In all we say and all we do,
    A worldwide family,
    A worldwide family.

    The rich-ness of the Commonwealth,
    Strength in each we share.
    In changing times we stand together,
    Each we hold dear.
    The richness of our Commonwealth,
    Strength we share,
    With every step we take together,
    Our path is clear.

    [Verse Repeat]

    [Chorus Repeat]

    The richness of our Commonwealth,
    Strength we share,
    Every step take together,
    Every step, all together,
    Our path is clear.
    Ah _____

    All our hopes and fears shared as one,
    Each voice heard equally.
    In all we say and all we do,
    A worldwide family.
    A worldwide family.

    Worldwide family.
    Worldwide family.
    Worldwide family.
    Worldwide family.

    Copyright © Simon Haw

    To Be A Friend - Words and music by Simon Haw
    A little boy, He wandered by,
    Hot beneath the dusky sky
    He’d come from far, So far to go,
    So far along the road.

    Children of courage, Faithful and true,
    Of all nations, Our faith’s in you.

    The pack he bore, Was digging deep,
    Right down through his fragile feet;
    He bravely strode, Along his path
    So far to travel home.

    Children of courage, Faithful and true,
    Of all nations, Our faith’s in you.

    They walked along, The rocky road,
    Both clinging to the heavy load;
    To be a friend, For friend in need,
    What better path to lead.

    Children of courage, Faithful and true,
    Of all nations, Our faith’s in you.

    A girl beside, She Looked at him
    Said, hey my friend why look so grim;
    Be not so sad, I’ll lend a hand,
    For I am by your side.

    Earth Dance - music by Simon Haw
    Dedicated to HM The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth.

    The Commonwealth Youth Orchestra & Choir commissioned Earth Dance in 2017, to mark the occasion of the Biennial Meeting of the 53 Commonwealth Heads of Government in April 2018. The six movements of Earth Dance characteristically represent each of the six continents of the Commonwealth: Africa, Americas, Asia, Caribbean, Europe and Pacific. All six movements also seek to covey the values and aspirations of the Commonwealth and as such are entitled: Engage, Unity, Respect, Diversity, Renew and Empower.

    1. Engage - Mahatma Gandhi
    You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

    2. Unity - Rudyard Kipling
    Now this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
    And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.
    As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
    For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

    3. Respect - William Shakespeare
    He that is thy friend indeed, He will help thee in thy need:
    If thou sorrow, he will weep; If thou wake, he cannot sleep:
    Thus of every grief in heart, He with thee doth bear a part.
    These are certain signs to know, Faithful friend from flattering foe.

    4. Diversity - Instrumental

    5. Renew - Ovid
    As wave is driven by wave, And each, pursued, pursues the wave ahead,
    So time flies on and follows, flies, and follows,
    Always, for ever and new. What was before
    Is left behind; what never was is now;
    And every passing moment is renewed.

    6. Empower - Haw/Shebe
    Find your voice, Share your voice,
    With your voice, Have a voice.
    Join with one voice, Say with one voice,
    Sing as one voice, Shout with one voice.
    Be of one voice, Sing with one voice.
    All resounding, Say together,
    Speak together, Work together, Share together,
    All together Sing! Sing!

    Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir

    In The Queen’s Christmas Message 2017, Her Majesty said: “The Commonwealth has an inspiring way of bringing people together and the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir is a reminder of how truly vibrant this international family is.”

    The mission of the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir (CYO) is to use music as a means of international dialogue, knowing no boundaries, and through its initiatives, programmes and three-point delivery plan “Engage-Educate-Empower”, it brings together communities across the Commonwealth through music, transcending all cultural, political, social and economic boundaries.

    CYO’s unique major cross-borders initiative, the Commonwealth Music Partnership – Music for Peace & Development, unites all choirs, orchestras and music schools in the Commonwealth for fully-funded pan-Commonwealth exchange, collaboration and engagement.

    At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Perth Australia in 2011 the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir (CYO) was greatly honoured to receive an unique and unanimous endorsement of its work and achievements from all the Commonwealth Heads of Government which was published in the Final Communique of the Meeting.

    The CYO was extremely honoured to be invited to perform on The Queen’s Christmas Message 2017. The photo below show members of the CYO, conducted by Paul Carroll, recording the music for the broadcast, which was watched by 8.7 million viewers at 3pm on 25 December 2017.

    Commonwealth Children's Choir
    Photo Credit: Chris Lobina

    On International Day of Peace Wednesday 21 September 2016, the CYO launched an important and ground-breaking internet platform which is the CYO’s Commonwealth Music Hub, which is a new central hub website with six independent linked satellite websites, to give huge visibility to the CYO’s major programmes for delivering its mission. Since September 2016 CYO’s seven websites have been rolled out over an initial 18-month period, the first stage culminating now in April 2018 at which point an expansive internet platform has been created – an innovative and organic space for visibility and connectivity going forward across all Commonwealth Nations of the 21st century Commonwealth.

    1. CYO’s Commonwealth Music Hub
    2. Commonwealth Music Partnership
    3. Commonwealth Music Council
    4. Commonwealth Community Heritage
    5. Commonwealth Music Competitions
    6. Commonwealth Music Company
    7. Commonwealth Music Distance Learning