Green Canopy

Green Canopy

Green Canopy - for Solo Violin and Orchestra
Composed by Simon Haw MBE

Performed by
Solo Violin: Eric Wang, Concert Master Commonwealth Orchestra
The Orchestra of the Household Division

A Note From The Composer:

“Green Canopy, a twelve movement work for solo violin and orchestra, gently traces the journey of a woodland in the Northern Hemisphere, from November through to October. The work celebrates one of the most treasured and precious environments, essential for the preservation of the climate on our planet, Earth.

November’s Fall, heralds the approaching winter, which consumes our senses in December’s End; January’s Promise turns the page to a magical scene, full of prospect, before February’s Rising ascends from the frozen depths in thunderous applause.

March’s Call bravely proclaims the birth of fragile new life, gathering purpose and resolve in April’s Song, fragrantly wafted on May’s Breeze, until reaching its zenith in June’s Dance.

July’s Celestial Heaven calmly observes the most wondrous jewelled sky, fleetingly masked on summer breezes, only to be matched by the midday glory of August’s Crown. The summer warmth lingers, hesitantly, in September’s Gold, until breaking finally through the winds of change in October’s Turn.

The world-premiere recording of Green Canopy was made in January 2022, performed by violinist Eric Hui-Ti Wang with the Orchestra of the Household Division. They performed the world-premiere performance on Commonwealth Day 14 March 2022 and the recording was released in Commonwealth Week March 2022, in the year of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The composition has been developed in close artist collaboration with Sally Shebe, Director-General of Commonwealth Music., and is support of The Queen’s Green Canopy“

Track Listings

1. November’s Fall

2. December's End

3. January's Promise

4. February Rising

5. March's Call

6. April's Song

7. May's Breath

8. June's Dance

9. July's Celestial Heaven

10. August's Crown

11. September's Gold

12. October's Turn