Track Listings

Georg F.Händel - Water Music Suite
1. Overture

2. Andante

3. Bourrée

4. Air

5. Hornpipe

6. Alla Dansa

Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto for Strings RV 127
7. Allegro

8. Andante

9. Allegro

Paul Carroll – Concerto for Strings and Piano No.1
10. Allegro

11. Triste

12. Allegro Vivace

Henry Purcell – Suite from Abdelazer (arranged for octet – Carroll)
13. Overture

14. Rondeau

15. Air

16. Air

17. Minuet

18. Air

19. Jig

20. Hornpipe

21. Air

Anton Dvorak – Slavonic Dance No.8 (arranged for octet – Carroll)
22. Allegro Vivace

Paul Carroll - Cassation No.1 for Orchestra
23. Milogna

24. Passpied

25. Forlane

26. Sarabande

27. Tango

Commonwealth Anthem
28. Commonwealth Anthem

Commonwealth Youth Orchestra

Conductors: Paul Carroll
David Rowland (tracks 10-12)
Alice Mason (track 28: Commonwealth Children’s Choir)

Recorded in February, July & October 2011 in Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios London
Producer: Simon Kiln
Engineer: Arne Akselberg

Georg Friedrich Händel’s (1685 - 1759) Water Music is a collection of movements which have been loosely arranged in three suites. The music was especially composed for a Royal Regatta on Thames in July 1717 and was performed by fifty musicians on one of the barges. The host of the event was King George I, and he was so delighted with the music that he requested two full encores of the work that very same evening.

On this recording five movements from the First Suite have been arranged for the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra. Here the oboes have been substituted with clarinets. The use of alternative instrumentation would have been well-known to Händel who, like all eighteenth century composers, would have used all available forces.

Antonio Vivaldi (1679 - 1741) wrote nearly forty works for strings, some of which he used as overtures to his operas. The Concerto RV137 is fairly typical of his dynamic forward moving style with a tranquil slow movement evoking the stillness of the Venetian Lagoon at night.

Paul Carroll’s (1955 - ) Concerto for strings and piano was composed in 2010 and gives the strings equal importance with the piano. It is a dark work with a reflective slow movement and exuberant finale with Celtic overtones.

Henry Purcell (1659 - 1995) wrote the incidental music to Abdelazer in 1695, the year of his death. It is some of his best instrumental music; Benjamin Britten used the theme from the Rondeau for his Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. It has been arranged for an octet comprising trumpet, violin, saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, contra-bassoon, bass and piano by Paul Carroll. This octet line up was designed to show as many different types of the ‘orchestral families’ playing together in a compact and dynamic way, with woodwind, brass, strings and percussion (piano) being represented.

The Slavonic Dance by Anton Dvorak (1841 - 1904) has become one of the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra Octet’s showpieces in an arrangement made especially for them by Paul Carroll.

The Cassation No. 1 composed by Paul Carroll is a set of five diverse dances written especially for the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and the music reflects a diversity of national styles and musical forms.

The Commonwealth Anthem was especially composed to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Commonwealth in 2009.