City of London


Commonwealth Children’s Choir
Commonwealth Scholars’ Choir
Commonwealth Youth Orchestra
Band of the Coldstream Guards

Conductor: Major Simon Haw MBE

Solo Violin: Hui Ti Wang

Track Listings

1. Georg Handel (1685 – 1759) arr. Haw - March from “Scipio”

2. Paul Carroll (1955 - ) A Song For The Lord Mayor of London
Words by Dr Grahame Davies
Dedicated to Alderman Charles Bowman The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of the City of London And The Lady Mayoress
Commonwealth Children’s Choir

Paul Carroll (1955 - ) Concerto No.2 for Violin & Strings
Violin Solo - Hui-Ti Wang
3. Allegro

4. Andante

5. Presto

6. Simon Haw (1965 - ) To Be A Friend
Dedicated to HM The Queen on the occasion of the Meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government in London, April 2018
Commonwealth Children’s Choir

7. Sir Hubert Parry (1848 – 1918) arr. Haw - In Unity
Commonwealth Scholars’ Choir

Simon Haw (1965 - ) Earth Dance
Dedicated to HM The Queen on the occasion of the Meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government in London, April 2018
Commonwealth Scholars’ Choir
8. Engage

9. Unity

10. Respect

11. Diversity

12. Renew

13. Empower

14. Commonwealth Anthem arr. Haw Commonwealth Scholars’ Choir

Track Lyrics

A Song For The Lord Mayor - Music by Paul Carroll, Words by Grahame Davies
Dedicated to The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Charles Bowman and the Lady Mayoress.

A song inspired by “Dick Whittington and His Cat” an English folklore surrounding the real-life Richard Whittington (c. 1354–1423), wealthy merchant and later Lord Mayor of London. The legend describes his rise from poverty-stricken childhood with the fortune he made through the sale of his cat to a rat-infested country.

A note from the lyricist to the composer:
“I couldn't quite manage to get the word 'cat' in, but the 'friend' is intended to carry that meaning. The golden chain is of course the mayoral one but here also symbolises human kindness. You can repeat the last few lines as much or as little as you wish. They're intended to allow for repetition. Perhaps a la ' Carol of the Bells'. The use of rhyming couplets is intended to reference the Pantomime tradition.”

When you are only ten years old
you think the city streets are gold.
Or so you think when you are ten,
but once you get there, think again.

For some who hear the city's chime
will find a thousand ways to climb,
while some who hear the same bells call
will find a thousand ways to fall.

But if you fall do not forget -
you just have not succeeded yet.
And if you fall and find a friend
you will be richer in the end.

A time to strive, a time to stay,
a time to turn and walk away.
A time for sun, a time for rain.
There is a time to turn again.

To turn again, to turn again.
The more you give, the more you gain.
For giving makes a golden chain.
There is a time to turn again.

A time to strive, a time to stay.
A time to turn and walk away.
A time for sun, a time for rain.
There is a time to turn again.


To Be A Friend - Words and music by Simon Haw
A little boy, He wandered by,
Hot beneath the dusky sky
He’d come from far, So far to go,
So far along the road.

Children of courage, Faithful and true,
Of all nations, Our faith’s in you.

The pack he bore, Was digging deep,
Right down through his fragile feet;
He bravely strode, Along his path
So far to travel home.

Children of courage, Faithful and true,
Of all nations, Our faith’s in you.

They walked along, The rocky road,
Both clinging to the heavy load;
To be a friend, For friend in need,
What better path to lead.

Children of courage, Faithful and true,
Of all nations, Our faith’s in you.

A girl beside, She Looked at him
Said, hey my friend why look so grim;
Be not so sad, I’ll lend a hand,
For I am by your side.

Earth Dance - music by Simon Haw
Dedicated to HM The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Youth Orchestra & Choir commissioned Earth Dance in 2017, to mark the occasion of the Biennial Meeting of the 53 Commonwealth Heads of Government in April 2018. The six movements of Earth Dance characteristically represent each of the six continents of the Commonwealth: Africa, Americas, Asia, Caribbean, Europe and Pacific. All six movements also seek to covey the values and aspirations of the Commonwealth and as such are entitled: Engage, Unity, Respect, Diversity, Renew and Empower.

1. Engage - Mahatma Gandhi
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

2. Unity - Rudyard Kipling
Now this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

3. Respect - William Shakespeare
He that is thy friend indeed, He will help thee in thy need:
If thou sorrow, he will weep; If thou wake, he cannot sleep:
Thus of every grief in heart, He with thee doth bear a part.
These are certain signs to know, Faithful friend from flattering foe.

4. Diversity - Instrumental

5. Renew - Ovid
As wave is driven by wave, And each, pursued, pursues the wave ahead,
So time flies on and follows, flies, and follows,
Always, for ever and new. What was before
Is left behind; what never was is now;
And every passing moment is renewed.

6. Empower - Haw/Shebe
Find your voice, Share your voice,
With your voice, Have a voice.
Join with one voice, Say with one voice,
Sing as one voice, Shout with one voice.
Be of one voice, Sing with one voice.
All resounding, Say together,
Speak together, Work together, Share together,
All together Sing! Sing!

Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir

In The Queen’s Christmas Message 2017, Her Majesty said: “The Commonwealth has an inspiring way of bringing people together and the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir is a reminder of how truly vibrant this international family is.”

The mission of the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir (CYO) is to use music as a means of international dialogue, knowing no boundaries, and through its initiatives, programmes and three-point delivery plan “Engage-Educate-Empower”, it brings together communities across the Commonwealth through music, transcending all cultural, political, social and economic boundaries.

CYO’s unique major cross-borders initiative, the Commonwealth Music Partnership – Music for Peace & Development, unites all choirs, orchestras and music schools in the Commonwealth for fully-funded pan-Commonwealth exchange, collaboration and engagement.

At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Perth Australia in 2011 the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir (CYO) was greatly honoured to receive an unique and unanimous endorsement of its work and achievements from all the Commonwealth Heads of Government which was published in the Final Communique of the Meeting.

The CYO was extremely honoured to be invited to perform on The Queen’s Christmas Message 2017. The photo below show members of the CYO, conducted by Paul Carroll, recording the music for the broadcast, which was watched by 8.7 million viewers at 3pm on 25 December 2017.

Commonwealth Children's Choir

Photo Credit: Chris Lobina

On International Day of Peace Wednesday 21 September 2016, the CYO launched an important and ground-breaking internet platform which is the CYO’s Commonwealth Music Hub, which is a new central hub website with six independent linked satellite websites, to give huge visibility to the CYO’s major programmes for delivering its mission. Since September 2016 CYO’s seven websites have been rolled out over an initial 18-month period, the first stage culminating now in April 2018 at which point an expansive internet platform has been created – an innovative and organic space for visibility and connectivity going forward across all Commonwealth Nations of the 21st century Commonwealth.

1. CYO’s Commonwealth Music Hub
2. Commonwealth Music Partnership
3. Commonwealth Music Council
4. Commonwealth Community Heritage
5. Commonwealth Music Competitions
6. Commonwealth Music Company
7. Commonwealth Music Distance Learning

The mission of the Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir (CYO) is to “use music as a means of international dialogue, knowing no boundaries”, which is delivered with all Commonwealth Nations, through a three-point plan: “Engage-Educate-Empower”. HM The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, is Diamond Jubilee Patron 2012 of the CYO.

In 2011 Commonwealth Heads of Government unanimously gave an unique endorsement of the CYO, which was published in the CHOGM 2011 Final Communique. In 2012 the CYO created its Commonwealth Music Partnership with all music schools, choirs and orchestras in 52 countries of the Commonwealth, creating fully-funded opportunities for education and exchange. In 2016 the CYO established the Commonwealth Music Council to curate the music of all Nations of the Commonwealth and to provide a freely available on-line resource.

The state ceremonial Band of the Coldstream Guards was at the very forefront of recorded sound, having cut its first wax cylinder recordings on 1st October 1889. From the earliest days the Regiment had drummers and its Band of Musik dates from 1685. This was in fact eight civilian musicians who were hired by the month by officers of the Regiment to provide music for the Changing of the Guard at St James's Palace. When, in 1785, the musicians were asked to perform at an aquatic excursion to Greenwich, they declined on the grounds that the performance was "incompatible with their several respectable and private engagements." This was too much for the officers who asked the Duke of York, Colonel of the Regiment, for a regular attested band.

Paul Carroll, Composer has had a long and varied career in music as a composer, conductor, performer, author and teacher. His catalogue of compositions stretch over more than 40 years and his individual style was recognised early on by Sir Adrian Boult, who conducted several of his early works. Over the years Paul’s compositional voice has taken classical, tonal, music into new realms. His complex contrapuntal skills and fearless enharmonic modulation make him a stand out composer, with a broad international appeal.

Major Simon Haw MBE Conductor, Composer and Arranger is Director of Music of the Band of the Coldstream Guards. He has had a distinguished career in Army Music having served in The Welsh Guards, Prince of Wales Division, The Adjutant General’s Corps, The Queen’s Division, Headquarters’ Army Music, The Scots’ Guards and The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, which is one of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) High Readiness Force Headquarters. As well as being a first rate composer, his skill as an arranger is widely respected.

Eric Hui-Ti Wang, Violin is considered to be one of the most promising violinists of his generation and is receiving increasing international attention. Eric has won many competitions worldwide and since 2012 he has been the Concert Master of the Commonwealth Orchestras and Choirs.

Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir

Her Majesty The Queen
Head of the Commonwealth

Maestro Zubin Mehta

With special thanks to the City of London Corporation for it generous donation to cover the costs of the production of this CD and for the very kind support of:

  • The City Remembrancer Paul Double LVO
  • Guildhall Art Gallery, City of London Corporation

  • The recordings in the Guards’ Chapel were made with kind permission of Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Dunwoody, Senior Chaplain to the Household Division

    The Band of the Coldstream Guards performed by kind permission of Major General B J Bathurst CBE, The Major General Commanding The Household Division.

    Executive Producer: Sally Shebe
    Producer: Simon Kiln
    Engineer: Arne Akselberg
    Assistant Engineer: Mark Rogers

    Front Cover: the City of London in 2025. Image credit GMJ and the City of London Corporation
    Back Cover: ‘The Opening of Tower Bridge, 30 June 1894’ by William Wyllie

    The City of London: The Commonwealth Financial Centre

    Financial and professional services are a vital conduit for trade and investment across the Commonwealth. In many Commonwealth countries, these sectors are already the largest employers, and key drivers of growth, job creation and prosperity.

    The UK is the world’s leading exporter of financial services with the City of London is its beating heart. The Commonwealth’s growth aspirations will require further development of financial infrastructure across the bloc and increased access to global investors. Here at the City of London, we see ourselves as perfectly placed to be the Commonwealth’s partner of choice both in disseminating best practice and in raising the finance needed to deliver on this ambitious agenda.

    The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and the Commonwealth Business Forum 2018 in London represent an excellent opportunity to drive forward the City of London’s place in the world as the Commonwealth Financial Centre.

    The City of London is the logical location for Commonwealth Business Forum 2018, the apex platform for dialogue between businesses and governments across the Commonwealth. In the City of London, there is recognition that greater liberalisation and improved regulation of the financial services sector will yield big results in terms increased global economic growth. The Commonwealth Business Forum is the ideal place to advance these objectives.

    The City of London Corporation has worked as a lead partner on the design of the Commonwealth Business Forum (CBF) alongside the UK Government and the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC). Our intention is that the Forum showcases the great breadth of the financial and professional services sector, and the opportunities for these industries to contribute to increased intra-Commonwealth trade and prosperity.

    In addition, the event will provide an opportunity for the City to further its institutional engagement with the Commonwealth. By hosting CBF 2018 across the City of London’s historic sites, we hope to encourage the development of social, cultural and business relationships between politicians, senior government officials, diplomats, policymakers, representatives of charitable organisations and community representatives from across the Commonwealth.

    The City of London and the Commonwealth: The Way Forward

    The City of London Corporation is deepening its engagement with the Commonwealth. Through collaboration and links with Commonwealth institutions, and direct interaction with Commonwealth countries, the City of London is expanding its capacity to develop trade and investment opportunities across the blocs many and varied markets.

    The City of London is working closely with the UK Government on this agenda, with the support of Cabinet Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Alderman Baroness Scotland’s position as Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat further enhances the City of London’s capacity to advance these objectives.

    The Lord Mayor’s Overseas Visits Programme is a key component of City of London’s engagement with Commonwealth states. Commonwealth countries now form an integral pillar of the Lord Mayor’s extensive schedule. The Lord Mayor will visit eight Commonwealth countries over the course of 2018. The aim of these and previous visits is to provide opportunities for UK businesses to build on the long-standing ties between the UK and the Commonwealth. The programme has a history of developing and deepening business links for mutual benefit.

    The City of London: A Cultural Asset

    Throughout history, the City of London has been a place where commerce and creativity have thrived side-by-side. As well as being one of the world's oldest and most important trading hubs, the Square Mile has fostered the long‐term growth of arts and crafts, learning, public entertainment, green spaces, market places, fairs, and pageantry.

    Since the late twentieth century, the City has become a world-class centre for culture. It boasts an extraordinary concentration of institutions, including the Barbican Centre and Museum of London, as well as a range of heritage assets, including Guildhall and Tower Bridge. For its part, the Barbican notes that nearly 2,000 artists from 61 nations worked at the Centre in 2016/17, and that tickets for its art, theatre, dance, music and film programme were booked by people in 94 nations.

    Investing over £100m every year, the City of London Corporation is the fourth largest funder of heritage and cultural activities in the UK. The City’s support for culture is intrinsic to its strategy, because of the core belief that the free exchange of commerce is intertwined with the free exchange of creative ideas and that the cultural offer of a place is a key attractor for talent and business growth.

    Furthermore, the City of London Corporation’s commitment to promoting arts and culture can be evidenced by its support for Culture Mile, which was announced in July 2017. Over the next decade, the City Corporation, together with the Barbican, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London Symphony Orchestra and the Museum of London, are leading the transformation of the north-west corner of the City – stretching from Farringdon to Moorgate - into a major cultural and creative destination.

    The City has always been a unique meeting place in the world for entrepreneurs, ideas and talent ‐ the original co-working space. Our support for culture also reflects a strong belief in a richer kind of wealth, which includes people's wellbeing, quality of life and sense of place and community.

    Today, the City has the most vibrant ecology of cultural organisations, creative businesses and practitioners anywhere in the UK. We may be a global city, but our cultural organisations are also grounded in a strong sense of place and want to serve the diverse people of the city that they inhabit.

    The Opening of Tower Bridge 30 June 1894 by William Wyllie